Aikido on the Drive


We are holding classes on Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm and Sundays at 11:00 am, in the Mat Room at Britannia Community Centre (please see the map page, 1661 Napier St. in Vancouver), at Commercial Drive close to Venables. Come by to watch and try out a free class to decide if our club is for you. Wear a Judo/Aikido gi (uniform), or loose fitting and durable clothing.

If you have practiced Aikido before, you will find us a friendly, relaxed and dedicated group of practitioners. If you have never practiced Aikido, you will find it fun and fascinating!

Our Chief Instructor is Jim Salkeld, who was Kawahara Shihan's student for many many years. His Aikido was passed down to him directly from Kawahara Shihan, who was appointed by Hombu Dojo to develop Aikido in Canada.


Aikido on Commercial Drive

Aikido is intended to develop the individual, physically and mentally. However, it is a martial art, and should be practiced with this in mind. The techniques that make up Aikido were originally a closely guarded secret. It is through the generosity and vision of the Founder that we are able to practice this remarkable art today.